Here are a set of basic instructions for using Elmeg IP50 or IP290 phones on the EntaNet Hosted VOIP service. This document is also available to download as a pdf - here.

Elmeg IP50 & IP290 EntaNet VOIP datasheet.

The basic functionality is the same across both phones, but I will highlight any items that are specific to a
particular model.

Making a Call.

The system is set so that you do not need to dial the (local) area code, just the local number, if it
is a none local call, just dial the number as normal. Then press the OK button to instigate the call.

Receiving a Call.

Sounds obvious, but to receive a call either pick up the handset OR press the H/F button
(IP50) / SPKR Button (IP290) – which will receive the call in Hands Free mode.

Transferring a Call.

If you have received a call, that needs to be transferred to another person / extension.
IP290 - first press the R – Hold button, then dial the number where you want to transfer to call to,
and press OK, then press the Xfer button under the display.

IP50 – Press the Transfer button – this puts the call on hold, dial the number or extension required, you can either wait for the person to answer – and advise who it is that trying to reach them, and put the handset down to pass them through, or just put the handset down, and this will put them through straight away. If in the case of the first option, the person called does not want to speak to the caller, once the call is terminated with the person called, press the Transfer button again, and you will be
reconnected with the incoming caller.


Pressing Mute on the IP50 will mute your microphone, so that you can hear the caller but they
cannot hear you. Press Mute again to turn your microphone back on.

Call Pickup
If another phone is ringing within your group, pressing **3 will allow you to pickup that
phone at your desk.

Voice Mail
The voice mail system is accessed by dialing 1571 from the handset. You are then presented with the
menu system, where you can retrieve voice mails, record your own outgoing message.

Phone Book & Speed Dial Buttons
Press the Menu button, press OK to select Phone Book. Press 2. This then asks you to enter a name
for this entry. Using the alpha/numeric keys (a is 2, a, b, c – depending on how many times it's
pressed). Then enter the number required.
To dial a Phone Book entry, Press Phone Book, this will search on either the allocated number (all
entries get an ascending number from 000), or the name. Then use the blue up / down arrows to find
the person required, and lift the handset to start the call.
Memory speed dial buttons – of which there are 3 on the IP50, labeled M1, M2, M3.
To allocate a button, press Menu, then 1 for Phone Book, then 3 for Speed Dial. Enter the
number that you want to be speed dialed, press OK, then the system asks you which of the
three M buttons you want to allocate this number to. Press the required button. Done. This will
overwrite any existing allocation to that button.
To use a memory speed dial, just press the required M button.
Press the top middle button under the display showing PhoneBk.
To use an existing entry, press PhoneBk button, and start to type the name of the entry, you can then
use the left and right arrows to find the entry your after. Once you have found the one you want,
either lift the handset or press OK and the system will auto dial.
To enter a new phone book entry, press the Left Arrow button, the screen will then display,
Press the middle button – under Edit.
Enter the name of the Phone book entry, using the alpha/numeric keys. Then press OK.
Enter the number of the phone book entry. Press OK.
You can edit an existing entry the same way. Find the entry your after using the same method, then
press the Edit button, middle top. Changing any items as required.

Call Forwarding
IP50 – Program the FWD button (top right), by using the menu button. Then 3 (phone settings),
then 1. Press 1 again for All Forward. Then 2 to enter the number that you want all calls to be
diverted to. Press OK, then Menu, Menu, Menu. Now when you press the FWD button, all calls
will be diverted to the number mentioned. The screen will display AF and the number being
diverted to. To turn this off, press the FWD button.
IP290 – Press the F/menu button, the default setting is *Off. If you want to forward all calls to
another number, (a mobile for example), press the Always button, then enter the number that you
want the calls diverted to, then press OK. Then press ESC/cancel. The display will show Cfwd, to
show that calls are being forwarded.
To turn off Call Forwading, press F/MENU, (the display will show *Always), then press the Off
button. The display will return to normal.

The latest Elmeg IP290 firmware, is available from here.