ISleftThe Multi award winning AVG suite of software, provides all levels of protection, at a price to match your budget. 30 day trials can be setup & configured if required.

Now all products with Linkscanner & Safe Search, providing the most comprehensive real time scanning of websites & links you encounter whilst browsing.

  • AVG 2015 Anti-Virus Business Edition - Antivirus Protection, Antispyware etc
  • AVG 2015 Internet Security Business Edition - Antivirus, Firewall, AntiSpyware & Antispam

As well as protection for servers, exchange servers and Sharepoint. None network versions also available.

In our own recent independent tests, AVG provided the highest level of real time protection, from the highest range of threats - without being over intrusive and great value for money.

See the latest version 2015 data sheet.

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